Red Canyon Stables is a full care boarding facility. Board includes feed, owners choice of grass, alfalfa, or a combination of the two, and up to 3lbs. of sweet feed twice per day if desired. Stalls and waters are cleaned everyday. Horses are turned out in the morning and brought back in in the afternoons in our group pastures which are 7 acres each, where they can free feed on grass hay during the day.

Horses are separated by gender in the pastures and turn out is optional for customers, not required. Blanketing, trailer parking (one horse trailer per client), and one saddle per horse is included. Assistance with vet or farrier, no charge. Additional saddle racks are available for a fee as well as additional trailer parking. 


  • Pasture board – $300/month (grass hay only)
  • 12’x12′ stalls – $350/month
  • 14’x30′ stalls with runs – $375/month 24’x34′
  • pens with shelter-$400/month.

Horse hotel

  • 1-14 days, $20/night per horse (feed and stall cleaning included)
  • 15-30 days, $15/night per horse
  • 30 + days would be normal boarding fees.

After Hours Arena Fees

If an after hours activity is scheduled we have stadium lights on both arenas. $10/hour full size arena $5/hour warm up arena.

Monthly and Daily Passes

We offer monthly and daily passes for those who would like to trailer in for the day $15 per person daily $40 per person monthly.

Arena fees for events

  • $175/day exclusive use of full size arena
  • $100/day exclusive use of warm up aren around pens – call for pricing.

Additional Costs

  • Additional saddle racks $10/month
  • Additional trailer parking – $40/month.


We offer multi horse and military discounts as well. Military is $25 off any accommodation and multi horse varies depending on number of horses. Discounts not combined.

  • 2 or 3 horses $300 – $375/month
  • 4 or more horses $275-$350/month.

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