These rules are for the safety of our borders, visitors, and horses. In addition to the rules on this list, we expect our boarders and guests to be respectful of people, property, and animals.

General Rules

  • ALL visitors and boarders must sign a liability release form- no exceptions. Borders are responsible for having their visitors sign and return a liability release form. Blank release forms are kept in the clubhouse and must be filled out and returned to management before engaging in horse activities. 
  • Please park in designated parking areas. Parking is not allowed in front of the barn entrances, arena gates, or on the road.
  • Trailer parking is allowed in designated areas.
  • Trailers and personal property is stored at your own risk.
  • Stable hours are from 7 a.m.- 9 p.m. Special arrangements are required if you need to be on the premises at other hours.
  •  If you go through a closed gate, close it behind you.
  • Smoking is not allowed in any building to include the barn, and cigarettes must discard butts in a trash can. No drug use is allowed any time anywhere. 
  • Roll up hoses after use. When the temp is below freezing at night and/or during the day, disconnect the hose from the hydrant, drain completely of water, and recoil it.
  • Trailer-in horses are allowed in designated areas with prior management approval.
  • We are on a septic system, so nothing but human waste and toilet paper can go down the toilet. Please inform your guests of this as well it is VERY important!


  • Children must be supervised at all times by an adult. No children under the age of 12 are allowed in the pastures unaccompanied by an adult.
  • No children are allowed on or around the equipment without prior management approval.
  • No baby strollers, bicycles, motorized vehicles, or toys likely to spook horses are permitted without prior management approval.


  • Dogs are allowed on stable property under these circumstances:
  1. They must be friendly towards all other animals (horses, cows, chickens, ponies, cats, dogs, etc.) and people.
  2. They must not have a habit of barking.
  3. They must not wander off the property or cause ANY disturbances with any neighbors.
  4. They must be spayed or neutered.
  • No dogs are allowed in the arenas or round pens when others are riding, and under no circumstances may dogs chase other animals.
  • Management may refuse to permit on the property any dog for any reason.

Safety and Etiquette

  • Your horse must be contained at all times and will not be allowed loose on the property. 
  • Clean up after yourself, your horses, visitors, farriers, and vets, and keep the tack room and clubhouse clean and neat after you use it.
  • Please pick up tack, manure forks, and all other equipment when you are done using it.
  • Do not borrow or handle other boarder’s property without their permission.
  • Tie your horse in designated areas and never to a fence or gate.
  • Do not feed any other horse anything without the owner’s permission first.
  • Do not leave your tied horse unattended.
  • If your horse is tied in a place where others want to pass through, please move your horse over so they can pass through.
  • Management approval is required before accessing feed or bedding supplies provided by the stable.
  • Boarder’s feed and treat supply must be stored in a rodent-proof container.
  • You must provide a halter and lead rope for each of your horses and store them on your stall door or in a tote in front of your stall.
Riding Safety and Arena Etiquette
  • Longeing is only permitted in round pens. You may longe your horse while riders are in the arena only with those riders’ permission first.
  • Riders going in opposite directions must pass left-shoulder to left-shoulder, and riders going in the same direction must pass only on the inside.
  • Any obstacles set up to include jumps must be removed from arenas after the rider is done riding.
  • Unattended turnout in arenas and round pens are not allowed, and riders have priority over the facilities.
  • If using the arena lights after dark, please turn them off when you are done.

Other People With Your Horse

  • If someone else will be riding or caring for your horse at any time, please inform management, or they will not be permitted to do so.
  • If you lease your horse, please provide stable with a copy of your agreement.
  • All trainers and instructors must be pre-approved by Stable management and must carry commercial liability insurance.  
  • Stable may occasionally host trainers, clinicians, or camps, at which times specific arena’s may be closed for general use. Times and dates will be posted in advance, and boarders are encouraged to participate if interested.

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